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A simple and transparent approach to managing your finances.

When exploring investment management options, the advisory landscape can appear quite vast. We feel that our methods for handling client assets are simple, straightforward, and difficult to find with other advisors. We pride ourselves on our in-house research staff that is focused on identifying trends and then building investment portfolios to capitalize on those opportunities. No matter what your life stage, we have a solution to help.

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It's never too soon, nor too late, to begin thinking about your future.

Why Hodges?

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We Are Thoughtful With Our Investment Strategy

A research-based approach that is unique and hard to find.

Many of our competitors steer their clients into a large array of mutual funds, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), or other pooled investment products. Under this method, the advisor has no direct decision-making responsibilities on the actual investment outcomes. We feel that this is a disservice to the client on both the investment strategy and fee transparency. You deserve an investment manager who goes the extra mile. Our methods incorporate a rigorous research process and then directly investing into a portfolio of stocks. Having a time-tested and repeatable research process is one of the keys to long-term investing success.

We Are Dynamic

Adapting to keep you ahead of a changing market.

Many investment advisors stick to one style of investing, such as growth, momentum, or value. But what happens when their style falls out of favor? That’s when narrow specialization could hurt your portfolio returns. Hodges Private Client prefers a dynamic approach that can adapt to our forward-looking market views.

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We Are Seasoned

Established in 1989 and still going strong.

We started Hodges with one goal in mind: helping people. That remains our calling today. With a slate of portfolio managers and analysts with an average tenure of three decades in the business, we have had to navigate our clients through countless market cycles.

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