Hodges Mutual Funds

Portfolios for the mutual fund investor

"Since 1992, the Hodges Funds have offered long only, public equity exposure from small cap to large cap, depending on the client’s need."

Founded in 1989 and based in Dallas, Texas. 

The Hodges Family has enjoyed a long history in the money management business starting with the late Don Hodges. He started in the business back in 1960 and over the ensuing decades, honed a research process that we still use today. The tenure of our organization is quite deep, with most of our key people having multiple decades of experience. In fact, the average tenure of our portfolio managers is 27 years. We have had to navigate through countless market cycles, and our clients appreciate the rigorous research approach that we use.


Blue Chip Equity Income Fund

Symbol: HDPBX
Inception: 09/10/2009
  • Large cap core fund that focuses on investing companies that are poised for both growth and income opportunities.
  • Seeks companies that are leaders in their industries, strong brand awareness and strong cash flow.
  • Has a long history of very low volatility and consistent quarterly income.
Blue Chip Equity Income Fund

Hodges Fund

Symbol: HDPMX
Inception: 10/09/1992
  • Core equity fund that invests in publicly traded companies ranging from large, blue chip companies to undiscovered small cap companies.
  • Combines multiple investment themes and gives the manager the flexibility to invest where they see value regardless of company size.
Hodges Fund

Small Cap Fund 

Symbol: HDPSX
Inception: 12/18/2007
  • Small cap core fund that focuses on investing in specific growth and value opportunities within the small cap segment (generally market caps up to $4 billion) of the market.
  • Seeks companies that are poised to benefit from recent industry consolidation, exhibit pricing power, have high barriers to entry, have strong brand awareness, and undervalued earnings prospects.
Small Cap Fund

Small Intrinsic Value Fund

Symbol: HDSVX
Inception: 12/26/2013
  • Small value fund focused on investing in companies that have an attractive market price relative to underlying asset value, earnings power, or the potential for a turnaround in business fundamentals.
  • The Fund may also invest in companies with mispriced or misunderstood deep, intrinsic value but lacking a near term catalyst to unlock that value.  These investments may require a longer time horizon.
  • The Fund has historically been skewed towards micro cap stocks.
Small Intrinsic Value Fund

The Hodges Funds are offered only to United States residents, and information on this site is intended only for such persons. Nothing on this website should be considered a solicitation to buy or an offer to sell shares of the fund in any jurisdiction where the offer or solicitation would be unlawful under the securities laws of such jurisdiction.

Mutual fund investing involves risk. Principal loss is possible. The fund invests in smaller companies, which involves additional risks such as limited liquidity and greater volatility. The Fund invests in foreign securities which involves greater volatility and political, economic and currency risks and differences in accounting methods. The fund may also make short sales of securities, which involves the risk that losses may exceed the original amount invested.

Past performance does not guarantee future results.