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Small Intrinsic Value

The goal of the Hodges Small Intrinsic Value Strategy is to seek long-term capital appreciation by investing in small cap equities using a deep value approach. 

Hodges Overview

  • Family and employee owned and operated
  • In-depth, proprietary research on publicly traded companies
  • Private equity approach to investing in publicly traded companies
  • Investment team interacts with company management teams over 2,000 times a year
  • Each portfolio is actively managed with a bottom-up, fundamental approach
  • Average firm tenure of our portfolio managers and research analysts is 21 years

Investment Philosophy

The Small Intrinsic Value Strategy typically seeks companies that have a high amount of intrinsic asset value, low price to book ratios, above average dividend yields, low PE multiples, or the potential for a turnaround in underlying fundamentals.  The Russell 2000 Value Index is the benchmark. 



Returns (%) as of 03/31/2024 QTD 1 YR 3 YR 5 YR 10 YR Since Inception
Small Intrinsic Value - Gross 6.00 21.14 9.61 16.06 10.58 10.77
Small Intrinsic Value - Net 5.60 19.34 7.98 14.33 8.93 9.13
Russell 2000® Value 2.90 18.75 2.21 8.16 6.87 6.88
Returns for greater than one year are annualized
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Portfolio Management

Our collegial and entrepreneurial culture attracts assertive and driven individuals. The Hodges investment process is a collaborative effort that leverages each team member’s efforts. We are proud to say that each tenured member of the investment team owns a piece of the firm and invests alongside our clients.

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Hodges Small Intrinsic Value Fund

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